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$ 26,860,210

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$ 46551

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Unibot offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to help you win. All free-to-use.

Limit Orders

Buy low, sell high. Execute your strategy with precision.

Discover New Tokens

Get alerts on newly created tokens on Ethereum in real-time with our scanner. Integrated with our bot, you can easily add tokens and snipe them with the click of a button.

Revenue Share

Rewards are proportional to the amount of tokens held. Holders receive 40% of transaction fees and 2% of total $UNIBOT traded volume. Rewards are calculated in 2-hour intervals and claimable after 24 hours. Transferring more than 200 tokens between every 2-hour interval will result in forfeit of your revenue share. Must hold 10 $UNIBOT tokens to be eligible.

Referral Program

Any user can generate a referral code to access additional benefits. The referrer receives 25% of transaction fees from referees, and the referees receive a 10% discount off their transaction fees. No $UNIBOT tokens are required to generate or benefit from a referral code.

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